Hello World.

Call me Mr. Clever

This is my very first website and this is something really new to me. This class is something to think about pusuing in the near future. PLTW Computer Science is a really good class to help us understand a little bit more about computers and how they work. We also have to learn how to make websites like this one for example and making apps for apple or android. What I think of the class is that it's really good and it's a bunch of work but we have a little bit of fun here and there.

I begin to question my existance is this world. What is the meaning of life and what are we doing here. What is our purposse and why? It's these questions from the people that drive the world foward. And come to think of it, but it's easy to get lost in the vastness of life. You only have yourself, your thoughts, and your instincts to do what you love and pursue that. Life can be good, bad, or even in the middle. Even though life can come at a cost, it's better to do the little things in life to keep you happy.

Third paragraph I've wrote